What We Do

Administrative Support

  1. Project Management, Analysis and Planning Support
  2. Military ID Card and CAC Card Processing Services
  3. Army AG, S1, Records and MPD Support
  4. Transition Assistance and Family Support Services
  5. Air Force Human Resources Military Personnel Flight Support
  6. Staffing and Labor Augmentation

Pre/Post Deployment Augmentation Support

  1. Mobility & Movement Planning
  2. Unit and Individual Processing (AG, SRC, CRC)
  3. Benefit Management and Verification
  4. Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) Support
  5. ADAG (Airfield) Passenger Processing & Movement

Training Services

  1. New Equipment Fielding, Test and Training
  2. Classroom Instructors and Student Support Services
  3. Live Training Support / Range Support
  4. Simulator Training, Operations & Maintenance
  5. Medical Support Services

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) / Information Technology

  1. Equipment Operations & Maintenance
  2. Facilities Maintenance
  3. Systems Administration & Engineering
  4. Database Administration, Help Desk & Call Center Support
  5. Web Site Support

Transportation Services

  1. Fleet Management
  2. Vehicle Operations & Maintenance
  3. Cargo Processing and Freight Movement
  4. Airfield Movement Support
  5. VISA Support

Crisis / Disaster Support

  1. Procurement and Local/Regional Vendor Management
  2. Risk Assessment (pre/post disaster)
  3. Disaster Relief Assets
    - Generators, Light Sets, Temp Housing, Shower/Shave, Mobile Feeding, Porta Johns

Logistics & Contingency Operations

  1. Warehousing, Kitting, Central Issue & Shipping
  2. Logistics Planning, Property Book Management and Reconstitution
  3. Man-Camp Logistics Life Support
  4. Supply Chain Management (Procurement)
  5. Furnishing Management Office (FMO) and "Logistics Quality Assurance Support Services"
  6. Tactical Equipment Sourcing